Week 1 – Instructional Design and Technology – Blog Entry 1

Week 1

Instructional Design and Technology – Blog Entry 1

http:/www.theelearningcoach.com is the first website I went to in order to find more resources to learn more about IDT. I am new to this arena, However, I am completely fascinated with all of the information out there in cyber space. Just a few clicks and one has all the information about a certain subject at their finger tips. Before this technological age, we used to look things up in the library, on microfiche, and in encyclopedias. This website has a lot of information for people like me, newbies. The site is all about “tips and reviews for success with online and mobile learning”. The first article begins with the ten qualities of an instructional designer. It then poses a question if designers need degrees to do their jobs. The article continues with the ten things a successful designer should do. I really enjoyed this last part of the article as it said that one needs to connect with their learners / audience. I believe I have number four – “be obsessed with learning everything”. I love this part. I am interested in a lot of things and read a lot. IDT will provide another avenue to explore.

http://www.upsidelearning.com is the second site that I visited for more resources. The more information I have the better IDT professional I can become. This site had thirty other instructional websites and blogs to help “create better learning experiences.” I loved this part because it allows for things to change. Everything around us is constantly changing and these resources are helpful and hopeful.

The last website I visited is http://www.dashe.com/blog/elearning/instructional-design-and-rapid-prototyping-rising-from-the-ashes-of-addie. I found this one more technical than and not as easy to read as the first two. Even though there was a lot of good information, it probably is not a site that I will visit often.




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